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#3530 Fixed Trackers are not added through magnets. mhertz

As title, optional trackers defined in magnet URI's with '&tr=' args, isn't applied e.g. in GTK-UI when pressing 'add' without metadata-prefetching finished yet / filelist empty. If in GTK-UI waiting until prefetching finished / file(s) listed, then does work however. Same issue when adding magnets with optional trackers through 'deluge-console add' command.

It's irrelevant which libtorrent version used, but happens in deluge 2.1.0 but not 2.0.5 and down. I narrowed it further down specifically to commit 2bd095e being the culprit:

Issue originally found and reported by nemonein in following forum-thread:

Thanks alot in advance!

#1933 WontFix Tracker request gkfabs

That would be useful if we could send directly to the torrent tracker the information like uploaded or downloaded in the case the tracker force you to have a specific ratio.

#1267 Fixed Tracker proxy settings set in webui do not actually get set damoxc CoJaBo

Try setting an HTTP proxy with non-default port in the webui, then check the console UI to see what the settings are actually set to- No matter what port you specify, it is always set to the default of 8080.

Additionally, it does not appear to be possible to change the proxy settings at all from the console UI.

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