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#724 Fixed Allow renaming of torrents andar anonymous

It would be nice if it was possible to change the displayed names of downloading/seeding torrents.

#725 Fixed Japanese characters cause Deluge to crash andar

Hello, Since 1.1.0 rc1 in Windows XP, deluge crashes whenever I try to start a torrent that uses files names in Japanese only(torrent names or file names). When I try to load a torrent in Japanese, the gui window disappears. When I check the task manager, deluged is still running, and when I start up the gui the new torrent is not listed.

If there is even one number or roman letter in the name its ok(though Deluge shows the Japanese characters as boxes with either an x or circles in it). I wish I could be of more help but I'm a simple user with little knowledge of how all this stuff actually works.

#727 Fixed rm in console ui removes all andar

I've upgraded deluge to the latest 1.1.0-1, and when I try to stop and remove a torrent within the console ui, all the torrents are removed from the daemon. I had Torrent 1 downloading and Torrent 2 seeding and when I deleted Torrent 2(rm Torrent 2 <- tab auto completed it), both torrents were removed.

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