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#982 Fixed Seed/Peer Ratio andar anonymous

Seed/Peer? Ratio column and just more columns in general.

#985 Fixed Redo interface for RSS andar anonymous

Interface is currently difficult to configure for RSS downloading. utorrent has a more automatic configuration, with predefined episode filtering. The current interface has plenty of options but perhaps these should be in the background.

Also there is no option for downloading different feeds to different folders which would allow easy organisation of TV episodes.

#987 Fixed Label seed ratio applies to unfinished torrents andar anonymous
  1. Create a label and set it's seed ratio to 1
  1. add new torrent and set it's label to the new label
  1. watch as the torrent pauses before it starts downloading

Expected: seed limit should only apply to torrents being seeded not those still downloading or in queue

Deluge version: 1.1.9

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