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#1265 Sometimes to change options to individual torrent doesn't work simonbcn

deluged in server + GtkUI remote in local.

Sometimes, generally when Internet connection is slow, I change some option to one torrent (speed, max. ratio, etc...), but if after I select other torrent, that change isn't applied.
In this cases, I must repeat the operation and wait several seconds before change the torrent.

#1266 Duplicate Torrents with errors don't update the tracker simonbcn

When a torrent has one "Tracker status" with error, that torrent don't update the tracker status never more.
I have to force an update pausing the torrent and resume again.
I have had several torrent with tracker status like "connection timed out" or "Internal server error" for days until I have restarted the torrent.

#1270 WorksForMe Sometimes gtkUI doesn't show correctly the torrent list for a category simonbcn

deluge-gtk + deluged in remote (git updated last night)
I open deluge-gtk, it shows category "All" with his torrents correctly. I change the category but the list isn't refreshed.
I have to close and reopen deluge-gtk for this works well.
This doesn't always happen.

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