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#661 Fixed Tracker name doesn't show trackers properely (1.2.0_dev) andar AlexC

In the tracker column, status tab and sidebar on 1.2.0_dev it shortens the tracker so that it shows it as tracker.example. When torrents use trackers ending in etc it only shows it as as tracker name. This isn't major but could be annoying when dealing with multiple trackers etc.

#1361 Fixed Tracker icons sometimes improperly sized in web interface damoxc negge

Some trackers seem to have a different sized icon than others, which makes the icon overflow its designated space in the web interface's torrent list.

It seems like it's the specific trackers' problem, but I think the icons should be automatically resized anyway so that the interface doesn't look weird.

Screenshot attached.

#3167 Fixed does not clean up /tmp entries from failed hosts rexar

If Deluge attempts to obtain a tracker icon for a tracker that is unreachable, or has a re-direct to self (perpetual HTTP 301/302) the errorback routines in do not have access to the temporary filehandles / paths created as part of the download_page method, and as such is unable to clean up these pre-allocated resources.

Over a period of time under Linux, this fills the /tmp directory with a large amount of junk files in the form of deluge_ticon.xxxxx

Attached is a workaround targetting the 1.3.15 release version of which allows the errorback routines to clean files allocated from failed attempts.

This was developed against my scenario which is the GTK client connecting to a remote server, it hasn't been tested for other use cases.

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