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#728 Invalid /etc/init.d/deluged finds the incorrect home directory andar

When running /etc/init.d/deluged the script can find the wrong home directory of a user if DELUGED_USER is set to a username that also appears inside of another username on the system.


$ DELUGED_USER=my_user:my_user
$ getent passwd | grep $( echo "${DELUGED_USER}" | cut -d ':' -f 1 )

In this example it will return /space, instead of /home/my_user.

Patch attached.

#732 Fixed Segfault in UI through "Add Torrents" dialog andar r0ckarong

So I'm using 1.1.0 on my Ubuntu 8.10 machine as usual today and I tried to add several torrents at once. Unfortunately I added one torrent twice and tried to remove it.

I get the UI to display me the "add" dialog (not the add to session but "where to store" one) and when I remove one of the torrents via the "Remove" button and then click on another one of the items in the list the UI just segfaults and dies. The daemon keeps running unaffected. Since I don't know how to produce shell output from the GUI alone I can't help with any dumps.

I can reproduce this 100% of the time right now. Sometimes it takes 3 items in the list sometimes I get it to crash with just two.

#734 Fixed Label Column automatically added to UI despite user settings andar r0ckarong

Every time I start Deluge the "label" column is added to my UI list regardless if I have it activated or not (I do not). So each time I have to go to the "View\Columns" Submenu and disable the label entry. Something isn't saved correctly I guess.

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