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#988 file or directory not found - really often andar anonymous

I'm now using deluge for over a year, still there is a small error that's still there. Really often after closing deluge and starting it the next time, some torrents stop, under Details -> Status you can see: file or directory not found

Re-checking does not help, you need to remove the torrent manually and readd it. This is really bugging me sometimes, could someone please take a look why this happens. If you need any additional information, please fix.

This is valid with deluge 1.1.8 under mandriva 2009.1, files are saved to an ntfs partition mounted with ntfs-3g.

#3112 Fixed Setting peer TOS from deluge console is different from setting Peer TOS from WebUI ant3tna


Let's say I want to set Peer TOS: 0x88

I will do it 2 different ways a) & b) see examples bellow. Why the result is not the same, one is written as hex 0x88 and other is written as 136 (same decimal value as 0x88)

a) webui:

When I set this from Web UI and later I read core.conf I see that same value: 0x88, also deluge console reads it like 0x88 too.

deluge-console 'connect myuser myuserpass; config peer_tos'

peer_tos: 0x88



myuser@srv:~$ deluge-console 'connect myuser myuserpass; config -s peer_tos 0x88; config peer_tos'
Setting peer_tos to 136..
Configuration value successfully updated.
  peer_tos: 136

Is this a problem ? If not than why don't you follow same nmber base ?

Kind Regards

#820 Invalid Virus detected markybob

Hi, I tried to install Deluge on windows and during the installation McAfee? detects a "generic backdoor" on w9xpopen.exe file. Is it normal ? Help me please.

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