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#1597 Duplicate Another SIGSEGV on Fedora 14 x86_64 shnurapet

Version from the git master branch.

Occured twice.

#1598 Duplicate One more SIGSEGV caught by ABRT on Fedora 14 shnurapet

Git master branch. ABRT reported this and the previous two as separate crashes. Sorry for the three tickets.

#1599 Duplicate Move storage should move just the files, not the directories if something else is in there WillyWolly

When moving a torrent with 'move storage', it moves the whole folder with everything in it. I think this is very non-default behaviour. Normally, such programs only move the torrent's files and move directories only when there are no other files; otherwise recreate them at the new location.

Maybe current functionality could be optional using a checkbox when moving.

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