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#1319 Shift-selecting files in web interface doesn't work damoxc negge

This was already mentioned in bug #1075 but it has been filed as closed so I'm opening a separate one.

Selecting multiple files using Shift + click doesn't work in the web interface. Ctrl + click works though, but it's tedious to select all but one or two files this way.

#1335 Renamed file after daemon restart always downloads again with original name. phoenixx

I found one issue. I have downloaded some torrent with one file. I saved in some location with default name. Default name is name from torrent. After that, I rename this file via deluge-gtk. Rename in bottom panel, "Files" tab. On the file system - file successfully renamed. After that, I restart deluge daemon, and this file begin downloads again. In that case file downloads with default name. After file is downloaded I have two files: first - previously renamed file, and second - redownloaded file after daemon restart. The issue happens on the 1.2.3 and 1.3rc0 version.

#1357 Choose torrent state to be set after re-hashing is completed Koroboru

Currently after I rehash some torrent, Deluge begins to seed it if it's complete. It is fine. But if the torrent is incomplete, Deluge immediately starts to download it. This can make some problems in situation, for example, if I set the torrent data location to another file with same name. In this way, the existing file will be spoiled, because it fails hash-check and is immediately overwritten...

So I ask for an option which allow to choose not to start torrent job after re-hashing data.

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