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#174 Fixed Peer display not sorting correctly. andar TomTerrific <tom.n.pdx@…>

Summary: In latest 0.6.0 nightly build peer display is not sorting correctly.

Environment: Deluge Release, OS Ubuntu Hardy i386 32b

Description: When you sort peers by upload or download speed the peers do not sort.

How to Reproduce: Start up deluge with torrents loaded from fast resume data.

Have one torrent seeding & two downloading, 7 more in the queue.

Go to any torrent with 2 or more active peers and sort by upload or download speed.

The peers are not displayed in correct order.

The peers do change order when sorted, and it seems that often the fastest will be at the top or bottom (depending on if sorting by highest or lowest). But the rest of the peers are in wrong order.

Sort by address seems to work OK.

#176 WorksForMe Incorrect value for Infinity andar ivegotta@…

When I have torrents queued as well as active, the ETA is listed as "Infinity" on those inactive torrents. However, when I sort by ETA it sorts those queued torrents as if infinity had a value of zero, instead of infinity. Can you fix it so that Infinity actually has the largest value it can accept (as a reasonable approximation? :)

Maybe relevant:

[foon@newcolo ~]$ uname -a

FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE #0: Fri Jan 12 08:43:30 UTC 2007 root@…:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/SMP amd64

[foon@newcolo ~]$


#179 WontFix blocklist plugin updates the list too often andar anonymous

Blocklist plugin updates the blocklist nearly everytime, ignoring the settings to update every 14 days. It updates on every run, and on every look at the plugin's options. This is very annoying, and it sometimes crashes Deluge. Blocklist plugin shouldn't blindly download the list every time, it should check if the file was updated first.

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