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#90 WontFix Opening a torrent file from epiphany doesn't bring Deluge gtk file chooser to the foreground markybob


I have noticed a strange behaviour that hasn't been fix for some time now. When downloading a torrent file from the web, you've got the choice to save it or open it with Deluge. When you save it and then manually open it by double-clicking, Deluge's gtk file chooser open and you just select the location you wish to download the data to.

However, if you directly open the torrent from the web browser (I'm using epiphany but it may happen with other browsers too), the gtk file chooser isn't brought to the foreground, and I have to click on Deluge icon in the notification area or window list in order to see the gtk file chooser dialog.

I have marked this bug as "Version" but it happenned in previous versions too; I don't remember exactly which version it began with.


#1057 Fixed Move Option damoxc apwwn

Hello, can you add "Move" option into contextmenu like "old" webui?

#1058 Invalid Error State in WebUi damoxc apwwn

Hello, for the torrent who are in error state in webui, can you add a description of this error somewhere next to "Status", "Details", "Files".. ?

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