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#413 Duplicate Changing download priority on a folder in treeview andar

When you select the download priority on a folder in the files treeview the expected behaviour would be to recursively apply that priority to all the items within that folder and in subsequent folders. Currently nothing occurs at all.

#3393 Fixed Changing location of "move completed to" doesn't work captaintrav

Deluge 2.03 - libtorrent 1.2.5 - Xubuntu 16.04

In the preferences, set a location to move completed torrents to.

Add a torrent. While it's downloading change the location to move the completed torrent to, and click on Apply.

When the torrent completes, it does not move to the folder selected, it moves to the folder set in preferences still.

In fact, if you close Deluge and re-open, you will find the location to move completed torrent to did not change.

Tested on Xubuntu 18.04 as well with Deluge 2.0.3 installed from PPA and same behavior was observed.

This functionality seemed to work fine on Deluge 1.3.x

#560 Fixed changing max connections in status bar crash deluge andar

Issue: If I change the max connections value in status, bar deluge crashes and cannot be started again. Looking at core.conf I found that the value is been set as Float, and according to the crash traceback it should be a Int.

How to reproduce: Try to change the "Connections" value in status bar using the option "Other" and entering a value (I tried 160)

Expected result: value is set as Int

Actual result: value is set as Float

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