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#2803 Duplicate web ui firefox

Web ui not working transdroid is OK . But the Web ui page is empty .. port 8112 connects but nothing showing in that page.

#2802 Fixed GTKUI classic mode shutdown procedure is broken bro bro

In thin client mode, the shutdown routine does not have to do much, but in classic mode, all the components have to be shut down properly before closing.

There are two separate issues as far as I've found.

GTKUI component shutdown after reactor is stopped

When closing GTKUI main window ( ) the reactor is stopped. The result is that this call to returns:

The call to self.shutdown() on the next line ( in turn calls component.stop() and component.shutdown(), which is completely broken, as the reactor is no longer running which means async events like deferreds cannot be processed.

The reason the shutdown procedure in classic mode works anyways as that the daemon has addSystemEventTrigger("before", "shutdown", self._shutdown) which calls component.shutdown():

SIGINT stops reactor breaking components shutdown

Running GTKUI in terminal and trying to close with CTRL-C does not work very good. The process hangs and needs multiple signals to close, and sometimes doesn't even close at all and needs explicit call to kill.

The problem is that the reactor closes ( ends) resulting in deferreds from component.close/component.shutdown call not being fired.

#2801 Fixed [Plugin][AutoAdd] Error adding torrents Doadin

Here is what im seeing.

Torrents get added to watch folder. Only one torrent gets added to the session. Even with copy torrent to folder none of the torrent files get moved. After some time the watch folder will get disabled then if you re-enable it it does the same thing one gets added no files moved disables itself after some time. Torrents are fine as they can be manually added.

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