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#1116 Fixed [PATCH] enable 'exit' command even if not connected to daemon cdep_illabout

If you run deluge-console and you are not connected to the daemon, you can't use the "exit" command because it is an alias of the "quit" command.

I have attached two different patches that take care of this in different ways.

"enable_exit_if_not_connected.patch" just adds "exit" to the list of commands that can be run even if you are not connected.

"enable_exit_if_not_connected-complete.patch" checks "help", "connect", and "quit" for aliases, and allows the aliases to be run as well. (The coding style for this addition may be a little weird, so you may have to change it a little bit.)

#1117 Fixed [PATCH] can't press '3' key in deluge-console cdep_illabout

deluge-console will not print a '3' when the '3' key is pressed.

It is due to this code block in trunk/deluge/ui/console/

# Delete a character in the input string based on cursor position
if c == curses.KEY_BACKSPACE or c == 127:
    if self.input and self.input_cursor > 0:
        self.input = self.input[:self.input_cursor - 1] + self.input[self.input_cursor:]
        self.input_cursor -= 1

elif c == curses.KEY_DC or c == 51:
    if self.input and self.input_cursor < len(self.input):
        self.input = self.input[:self.input_cursor] + self.input[self.input_cursor + 1:]

The line 'elif c == curses.KEY_DC or c == 51:' should probably be just 'elif c == curses.KEY_DC:'

I'm not sure why the check for 'c == 51' was initially added, because 51 is the decimal ascii code for the number three, not the ascii code for Delete (which is 127, according to

The var c is originally obtained in a called to stdscr.getch(). I did some testing with getch() to see what values were returned for the Delete key, the Backspace key, and Ctrl-H.

On my box, the Delete key returns the value 330. The Backspace key returns the value 127. Ctrl-H returns the value 263. Maybe these values vary by terminal type?

I checked python's documentation for these different values (, and it looks like KEY_DC is pretty safe to use. KEY_BACKSPACE has a warning that it is unreliable, but KEY_DC has no such warning. So KEY_DC is probably safe to use and relatively portable? Hopefully.

#1118 Tracker announce doesn't obey connection attempts speed MartinEve

It seems that tracker announces are not obeying the settings for global "connections per second".

This means that, if you have > 1000 torrents, announces fail and, when they fail and reach the max re-announce time, they begin to synchronise. Eventually you end up with all torrents attempting to announce simultaeneously which, obviously, fails.

Expected behaviour:

Tracker connections should also be limited by the "Connections Per Second" setting.

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