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#1727 Duplicate Renaming files and folders has display errors in the "Add Torrent" dialog magcius
  1. Bring up the Add Torrent dialog.
  2. Add two torrent files.
  3. Rename the root folder in the file list of one.
  4. Go to the other torrent.
  5. Go back to the original torrent.

Expected: The name change persists. Actual: The display name on the folder is the same as the original torrent folder name.

However, clicking Add sometimes adds the correctly renamed folder, even though the Files tab in the Add Torrent dialog showed the incorrect name.

#1789 Duplicate scheduler does not return to global settings of upload speed (at least) 89esX

Scheduler works when going from green (global) to yellow (limited) settings but afterwards it never returns to global settings again (in my case - unlimited).

Settings effected: upload speed (I am not so sure if it effects download speed too)

This also happens if upload speed is _not_ unlimited (i.e. with any value).

Current workaround is to manually set upload speed to any value and then back to unlimited using bottom toolbar in web-ui.

#1813 Duplicate Add DHT, PEX, LSD and trackers peers stats, like in qBittorrent. tapin13

It's really help sometimes, to understand where from peers coming. I use it, every time, i download torrent.


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