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#759 Fixed deluge daemon segfault andar Gio

Sometimes when i am downloading the deluged stopped with this error in the syslog :

deluged[23478]: segfault at 49 ip 00000049 sp b692a4bc error 4 in python2.5[8048000+fc000]

The ui is still working but the interface is totaly empty and all the downloads are stopped when the deluged process break down.

I wish you will be able to fix this.

PS : Sorry for my bad english.

#760 Fixed Changed filenames don't save andar

Whenever I change a filename in a torrent and restart Deluge, the changed file reverts to it's original name and starts re-downloading.

#761 Fixed White and unreadable sidepane when using dark themes andar anonymous

This is what happens under Gnome (Ubuntu 8.10) when using a dark theme (file attached). It seems the sidepane only picks up the text color and not the background color set in System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Customize... -> Colors -> Input boxes. Hopefully this will be a quick fix.

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