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#436 Fixed Incorrect handling of torrents with some files marked don't download andar ari-_-e

Deluge is not handling torrents which have files that are set to "don't download" correctly. When Deluge is started up and one of these torrents has previously been added to Deluge and all of the files not marked "don't download" have finished downloading, it looks like Deluge mistakenly thinks that the torrent is not finished downloading and will start downloading it if it is resumed. If a force recheck is performed on the torrent, Deluge seems to get even more confused, and changes the torrent's progress bar to reflect its perception that the torrent has not finished downloading. However, at that point if I do anything with the priority of the files in that torrent (including setting something to the value it already had), Deluge magically sees the error in its ways and starts seeding the torrent exclusively. Skipping the force recheck step does not appear to solve the problem.

As a side note, the Deluge 0.5 series did something similar to this as well.

#446 Fixed "Delete at ratio" and the ratio spinner are not grayed out when "stop at ratio" is unchecked in the options tab andar ari-_-e

In the torrent options tab, the "delete at ratio" checkbox and the entry spinner for the "stop at ratio" checkbox should be grayed out when stop at ratio is unchecked, like they are in the preferences dialog. I tried to fix this in a general way like it's handled in the prefs dialog, but my Python and GTK+ experience is just slightly too nonexistent for it to be possible.

If possible, I think the best way to fix this and at the same time ensure consistency into the future would be to unify the code used by the prefs dialog, the options tab, and the add torrent dialog. They all have slightly different requirements though, so I'm not sure this is possible.

#447 Fixed Unify features and code used in the file listings in the files tab and the add torrent tialog andar ari-_-e

In my humble opinion, I think that in order to ensure consistency, the code used by the two file listings should be unified. In the process, the features included in each one should be combined in order to form a single super-file-listing widget thing. In particular, the files tab can do sorting, and it can be used to set priorities other than just yes and no. The add torrent dialog can be used to set the priorities of all files in a directory, and can show the general status of its contents. I think these features should be merged.

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