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#719 Fixed RFE: Display country names when flags are not installed andar mtasaka

Well, by the bug report on Fedora all national flags are removed from deluge.

While I don't know if the reason on the bug to remove national flags is persuasive or not, I appreciate it if deluge shows country names if national flags are not installed (because I loved to see national flags!)

I tried to write a patch against deluge 1.1.0 to make deluge display country strings when national flags are not installed. The problem is that currently I don't know better way to tell not to install national flags when requested.

I would appreciate it if you would apply my patch (with modified if needed), thanks.

#723 Fixed "Stop seed at ratio" not applied for labels andar anonymous
  1. Create a label with the "Stop seed at ratio" option set
  2. Apply label to torrent

Expected: Torrent now has "Stop seed at ratio" set

What happens: Nothing

#724 Fixed Allow renaming of torrents andar anonymous

It would be nice if it was possible to change the displayed names of downloading/seeding torrents.

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