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#2303 Fixed Torrent state not updated until after emitting TorrentFinishedEvent Calum

In method on_alert_torrent_finished the call torrent.update_state() should be done before the emitting of TorrentFinishedEvent so that the torrent state is correct.

This could explain some inconsistencies when a torrent switches from Downloading to Seeding in gtkui or plugins.

#205 Fixed Torrent state and "Open containing folder" issues markybob anonymous

Deluge start to download/seed all torrents in spite of that I checked "Start torrents in paused state" and doesn't obey to "Pause" command. This doesn't happen all the time, but very often.

"Open containing folder" doesn't work at all.

#2496 Fixed Torrents stuck in Queued Torrents awknaust

I have had this issue on debian with 1.36-dev and have replicated it on a Ubuntu 14.04 VM with 1.37-dev

Description of problem In classic mode, using a local or non-local daemon you can get into a situation when adding torrents they are put into the "Queued Torrents" dialog, but cannot be added from there, because the Add button is disabled. Deluge also fails to add them automatically. Also if you press the 'Clear' button the torrent will disappear from the dialog, but in the status bar "1 Torrent Queued" will remain.

Replication You will need access to 2 torrents (I used

With a fresh copy of 1.37-dev perform the following actions

  1. Start deluge, disable classic mode via preferences, close deluge
  1. Start deluge, in connection dialog check 'start local if needed', 'connect on startup', 'don't show this dialog', close deluge
  1. With deluge-gtk closed, try to add a torrent via clinking a link, or simply "deluge-gtk torrentname.torrent". Check 'automatically add torrents on connect', and then 'Add' to add the torrent. It should begin downloading, close deluge
  1. With deluge-gtk closed, try to add (another) torrent as in 3. This should produce the error condition: the torrent will not be automatically added, and if you bring up the "Torrent Queued" dialog, Adding will be disabled.
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