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#960 WontFix Choosing paths for (not) localhost torrents andar funkyflash

I have deluged running at a box at home, and for the sake of being difficult, I run an ssh tunnel to my house (from work) for port 58846. Deluge GTK connects to this if I specify localhost on port 58846 with creds just fine. However, deluge GTK notices that I'm connecting to "localhost", even though I'm not, and changes path entry fields to browse. When I add a torrent, I'll choose /home/afunk, which happens to exist on both my workstation and my deluged box back home. I'd love for it to go to /media/videos, but for the sake of being a hurry, I symlinked on the remote box. I could create a dummy directory structure on my workstation to mock that of my NAS, but that would be tedious and ugly.

I love the ability to browse localhost, don't get me wrong. I ask that there be a place that I can type the path, even for localhost, for idiots like me who have convoluted ssh tunneling schemes. I'm even fine with starting the torrent in /home/afunk, then "moving storage" after the fact, although it'd be slick if I could type a path before I start the torrent.

The alternative solution to this is to have browse available on remote deluged's, but I can only imagine that this is a considerable amount of work - work which the awesome devs may not have time for.

Both the client and server are running 1.1.8 on Gentoo Linux. Please let me know if any more information is required.

#538 Duplicate "chose files" when adding a torrent shows wrong files mvoncken anonymous

"chose files" when adding a torrent shows the files of a torrent that's already in session, not the files of the torrent that i'm trying to add

#2038 Fixed Chrome 17 disconnecting from webui damoxc Cas

A recent update to Chrome 17 has caused the webui to timeout after several minutes. From what I can tell the problem is actually a bug in deluge where a json request 'web.get_events' never gets a response.

I don't fully understand this part of the code but my testing has found that returning a callback of None instead of continuing seems to keep Chrome connection alive and has no effect on receiving future plugin enabled events.

diff --git a/deluge/ui/web/ b/deluge/ui/web/
index 4bbcf9a..cb5e8fc 100644
--- a/deluge/ui/web/
+++ b/deluge/ui/web/
@@ -400,7 +400,8 @@ def _get_events(self, listener_id, count, d):
             if count >= 3000:
-                reactor.callLater(0.1, self._get_events, listener_id, count + 1, d)
+                d.callback(None)
+                #reactor.callLater(0.1, self._get_events, listener_id, count + 1, d)
     def remove_listener(self, listener_id, event):
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