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#1142 Incorrect ETA when custom ratio set on a torrent gmichels

I have the global share ratio limit set to 3 and all ETAs are correctly displayed, however if I set a higher share ratio limit for a particular torrent, the ETA doesn't change and it also turns into negative numbers after the global share ratio is passed. Tested using the webui and GTK ui.

Please see images attached for a clearer explanation.

#1143 Fixed [PATCH] deluge-console crashs when autocompleting non-existing dir cdep_illabout

deluge-console's add command will cause a crash when tab-completing a directory that does not exist.

For instance, entering this into deluge-console will cause a crash:

add non-existing-dir/some-file[TAB]

add's tab-complete method will try to list the files in "non-existing-dir/", but throw an error because the directory does not exist.

I have attached a (very small) patch to fix the issue.

#1144 Duplicate New Field - Down/Up loaded field in main window. mckidney

There should be field downloaded and uploaded in the main window, not just ratio.

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