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#1942 Duplicate Many torrents produce a "parameter is incorrect" error during recheck MrM

I'm in the process of switching from uTorrent to Deluge. To be able to do that, I need to import old torrents into the new client. I've now imported about a hundred, 20 of which failed to start seeding.

I open the torrent file, point it to where the files are on disk, and then force a re-check. Somewhere during the check (the percentage varies with each torrent), it fails with the following message: "The parameter is incorrect: <path+file>". The torrent is then put in an error state, stuck at the percentage it failed at.

This happens at random positions and with random torrents (about a quarter of the ones I imported). However, it is completely repeatable. If I restart the daemon, all the same torrents fail at exactly the same positions.

OS: Windows Server 2003 SP2 Deluge version: 1.3.3

If you need any more information just let me know, I'll be happy to provide it.

#1947 Duplicate Bug in 1.3.3 always error when downloading xzilvinas

The error appears always in deluge and stops downloading if the torrent haves thees kinds of files:

twiz-betterlife-720p.sub 8.18 MB

twiz-betterlife-720p.mkv 4.36 GB

twiz-betterlife-720p.idx 100.03 kB

twiz-betterlife-720p.nfo 8.69 kB

I think its because .sub and .idx, or maybe just one of them. (these files are in the same root btw) everything is just fine if there are no .sub and .idx in the torrent, and if there are the error appears and stops downloading.

#1952 Duplicate Tracker, DHT and Peer Exchange information tab Ryan8

It would be great to have a plugin with information about trackers, DHT and Peer Exchange (how much time left for next update and how many peers found with each tracker or dht).

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