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#2775 Fixed torrents.state not created for fresh install llorona

Created from forum post:

Fresh install from git developer branch pull as of today.

torrents.state and torrents.fastresume files never get created. log file shows an error that their .bak files do not exist.

it seems to come from this patch: [7414737cbf7657d2edfea49b9b]

my coding skills suck, but it looks like it checks for the bak file if not there, then raises an exception and never writes the initial files.

i got around this by creating both files and their bak versions with 'touch', so deluge would just overwrite them.

I ran into this because i was trying to figure out why i would lose all my torrents on every restart. in my troubleshooting i moved my config directory and let deluge create a fresh one.

tried to make a ticket on tract, but got stuck in the captcha loop.

#253 Fixed Torrents restart from zero everytime markybob Duffy

I have two torrents that restart from 0% finished everytime I restart my computer. Yesterday I restarted my computer with both torrents on 20-30% finished, after the restart they began on 0% again. Recheck does not help.

#1000 Fixed Torrent should be automatically selected for Statistics display andar

If there is a only a single torrent in any state(ie Paused,or Seeding or Downloading),it should be automatically selected and not required to be selected by the user for display of statistics in the information area at the bottom of the UI.

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