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#773 Invalid deluged consistently uses far too much CPU time andar anonymous

On my system, deluged's CPU consumption tends stay at 100% of one of my CPU cores at least half the time. (on an Athlon64 x2 5000+ with 4GiB of RAM)

I'm attaching RRDTool graphs (gathered by collectd) for the last hour and day to illustrate the problem.

#774 Invalid Online Traffic andar Victor Fernandez

Dear Sir/Madam?,

I represent Meta Network from We buy billions of impressions monthly all over the globe in all the major websites, such as: Yahoo, Lycos, Hi5, Tickle, Dada etc… We are interested in acquiring advertising spaces in bulk amounts from all over the world and as so, I'm interested in discussing with you about your unsold inventory to see how we can do business together.

I see a lot of potential for us working together and I'm really interested in a long term relationship. I believe that together we can reach both our goals and make it worth your while monetizing your unsold inventory, we can discuss and arrange the model for it to work in both our best interests.

We do have 2500 of ! clients/advertisers all over the world that we can offer you such us: Celldorado, Blinko, Forex, Coca Cola, O2. We are interested in serving standard size banners (728*90, 468*60, 300*250, 160*600, 120*600) and pop-ups and pop-unders. We also have the 234*60. Essentially we would like to establish a long term business relationship and purchase as much inventory as possible, to begin with we would like to establish an agreement on a rev-share pricing model as from my experience, this way all parties involved benefit the most. We are currently providing an average eCPM between $0.3 to $1, with the yield manager optimization system, surely enough it depends among all other things, also on the traffic that you provide, so the numbers can shift either way. Let me know if you do want to go ahead with this. Thank you very much for your attention. Hope to hear from you with some more information in this matter. Let me know how we can move forward.

Best wishes! , Victor Fernandez Media Buyer.

Meta Network Ltd. Victor Fernandez t: (972) 9.740.2995 int: 116 Media Buyer f: (972) 9.740.2996 Optimize your ROI

#775 WontFix Typo in German GTK interface andar

Version 1.1.1 (also valid for Version 1.1.0)

Using the GTK interface under German (de_DE.utf8), there is a misspelling in the Plugin pane ("Module") in the preferences dialog ("Einstellungen"). The button labeled "Installiere Pulgin" should read "Installiere Plugin".

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