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#1213 Fixed Torrents don't retry tracker after tracker error with lt 0.15.0 chrisbeebops

Deluge 1.2.3 - lt 0.15.0 When a torrent announces and receives an error back from tracker (Connection Reset by Peer, Unexpected EOF, etc.), it never starts a timer to retry the tracker. No timer shows in the gtkgui, and torrents never update.

Works fine with lt 0.14.x, so I am not sure if the bug is with Deluge or lt.

I can provide additional information or logs if needed. Just let me know what you need.

#714 Fixed Torrents do not show after restart andar

After having a fully working Deluge yesterday, it won't work today. No torrents show in the main window. The statusbar is updated correctly, and newly added torrents do show up (until you restart the client that is).

Restarting deamon and/or client does not work. Removing client configuration files does not help either.

Debug log attached

#2084 Invalid Torrents do not obey the global maximum download speed restriction Respen

I use ArchLinux and in the last week or so, torrents that I have downloading do not obey the global maximum download speed restriction. This was also true for 1.3.4, since I only updated to 1.3.5 today.

The torrents completely ignore the global max download speed restriction, but they do comply with the per torrent max download speed restriction.

I tried completely uninstalling, removing all setting information, and reinstalling deluge but the problem still persists.

My libtorrent version:

Please let me know if any other information is required.

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