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#2013 Fixed Add a 'Move Completed' entry to the Add Torrent dialog lazybones

Currently only path can be set on torrent add, forcing a two step process to edit moveto after the torrent has started..

If a user desires to have a "incomplete" folder for all torrents they must use moveto on every torrent, thus this is a problem.

Marking this a gtkui but it would also be part of the webui

#2847 Fixed Add a 'move to' option to add command indus

When deluge is set to move torrents on complete it moves files from the path set by deluge console.

Deluge downloads the file to the location set by deluge-console, and then moves the file to completed directory specified in the settings.

Deluge should either download straight to the set directory, or first download to the default then move the files to the directory set by deluge console.

#1121 Invalid Add a "new user" command in deluge-console klub

When you want to add a new user for deluged daemon, you must add by hand <user>:<pass> in .config/deluge/auth

By this way, it is difficult to encrypt the password.

It should be great to add a new command in deluge-console like:

config -s new_user user:password

and encrypt the password before to write it in auth file. pass

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