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#2000 Duplicate Files Tab for Torrent it Showing Files for Another Torrent netjunki

I'm seeing some odd behavior in the files tab. It is listing the files for another torrent I have running. This is in Debian unstable (1.3.3-2).

#2020 Duplicate Label Feature brutal_chaos

The ability to assign torrents a label when adding them would be hugely helpful.

#2024 Duplicate Show tracker errors in UI Koroboru

Tracker errors such as replies "torrent not registered", "closed by copyright holder" etc. are not displayed in UI (at least in GTK UI, I use that one). Such torrents are seen as OK and tracker status in "state" tab says "Announce successful".
I want to ask for a feature to show these errors in some way. Good idea is "trackers" information tab in the bottom of main window (where there are "state", "files" and other tabs), which can include list of trackers in a torrent with corresponding status for each of them and may be special category (along with "seeding", "active") for such torrent jobs (the structure I describe is similar to uTorrent's "trackers" tab). Please consider this as a plugin request if it can't be included into main program.

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