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#1045 Fixed torrents created by Deluge not compatible with private tracker andar Dan39

Built from trunk 5853 (1.3.0-dev)

I created a torrent for a private website( ) that requires me to add tracker announce URL with my passkey when creating torrent.

I uploaded it to the site. Then I downloaded the .torrent from site and started seeding.

The other leechers in the peers tab all had my user name, meaning the tracker was not able to modify the .torrent that people were downloading to put in each person's passkey, and everyone was using my passkey.

I created the same torrent with utorrent, using the same announce URL which has my passkey, and uploaded it to site. It worked fine and everyone is getting their own passkeys.

#903 Invalid Torrents categorization andar

The one thing i've been badly missing since swithcing from the resource hog called "Azuerus" back in 2007 to torrentflux, and then MLDonkey, and now - Deluge, is the download categories.

It would be extremely useful if one could define several categories, say, "music", "movies", "software", etc, and to tell Deluge to put completed downloads for each category into specific directory.

#126 WorksForMe Torrents become invisible markybob

Using the latest release,, torrents seem to disappear from the list after adding new ones.

The torrent stops seeding, and disappears from the list, but manually adding it again produces the "this torrent is already loaded, should I merge trackers?" dialog. All torrents are available as normal after closing and re-opening Deluge.

I have 32 torrents loaded, there doesn't seem to be a pattern to which torrent will disappear, and I'm not sure how to reproduce it.

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