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#764 Fixed Go to Website button andar obo

the button: go to website that appear to notify the new version don't work.

#768 Fixed creating torrents - bugs and improvements andar waltherbans

I create torrents for seeding them, so IMHO deluge should add created torrents to the session by default.

When i click "add torrent to current session" in torrent-creator deluge doesn't remember the path of the file where it created the torrent of but tries to download the file to the default directory.

Adding several trackers (one per line) does not work; only the first line (=one tracker) will be added. In 0.5 adding multiple trackers (one per line) worked.

There's no possibility to save a list of trackers. I (and many others?) always use the same trackers for my own torrents, so it would be great to see them beeing added automatically everytime.

The tracker's ranking is confusing: by default every tracker is set to "0", bringing a tracker "up" sends him to the end of the list. Bringing several trackers "up" results in all of them beeing ranked "1". Klicking on "up" once more counts up the tracker's rank instead of giving it a higher priority (maybe it does, but the ranking is confusing).

#770 Fixed deluge bugs on checking andar

hi i got deluge 1.1.1 on ubuntu 8.10

i right now have 3 torrents

ufc of 118gb witch is around 60% pride of 76g at 70% or so and boston legal at 80%

well on the checking boston legal stops at 48% (of checking process) and passes to the next one

it checks 9%(of checking process) of ufc and skips to the next one

same for pride

witch leave me with 3 torrents on checking status and stop doing anything

i rolled back to the standart ubuntu verions with is o.5xx something adn it works great

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