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#1160 Invalid Allow selected downloads for compact allocation mathbr

Deluge currently says, that selected downloads (which files to download and which not) is only possible with the full file allocation contrary to the compact one.

However, if I switch to full allocation, add my torrent and select the files I want, I can happily switch back to compact allocation thereafter and everything’s fine.

If there’s a technical limitation it’s not really clear to me. If there is no such limitation then there’s also no reason to not allow selected downloads with compact file allocation.

Thus my request is to allow this.

#1162 Fixed Error to add torrent to closed GktUI connect to remote deluge simonbcn

deluged executing in server.
deluge GtkUI in local connected to remote deluged.

When I add one torrent from Firefox to GtkUI, it shows me this window:

It corresponds to setting, in gtkui.conf:

"autoadd_queued": false

But If I check "Add torrents automatically to connect", close the GtkUI and I click in torrent file in Firefox to add in Deluge, it opens GtkUI and it shows this error "Duplicated torrent":

However, the torrent file is added anyway.

#1163 Invalid config:405 Unable to open config file simonbcn

deluged in server with init script.

When it starts the init script, in log file appears this warning several times:

[WARNING ] config:405 Unable to open config file: /xxx/.config/deluge/label.conf

But that config file exist.

And, sometimes, when I stop the deluged (with init script), it shows, in log file:

[WARNING ] config:405 Unable to open config file: /xxx/.config/deluge/core.conf

But that config file exist too.

All these are only warnings, incorrect, but only warnings. Deluged starts. But the real problem is that today, I rebooted the machine but deluged didn't start, I saw the log file:

[ERROR ] config:405 Unable to open config file: /xxx/.config/deluge/core.conf

I didn't change anything and I executed:

sudo /etc/init.d/deluge-daemon start

And deluged started well this time!

Well, I think it's necessary to review the code, don't you think?

(Sorry for my bad english. I'm spanish)

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