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#2117 Duplicate Wrong path separator is sent to unix daemon from windows gui Winand

Install daemon on unix-based os with slash separator. Connect to daemon from Windows gtkui. Open Add torrent dialog. Paths within torrent are separated with Windows native backslash ("\"). When task is sent to daemon it takes backslashes as part of filename.

I made a dirty hack so all native seps are replaced with slash before sending task to deluged. But we cannot know that slash is native for remote daemon, so this is not a good solution.

while row != None:
    torrent_id = self.torrent_liststore.get_value(row, 0)
    filename = self.torrent_liststore.get_value(row, 2).replace(os.path.sep, '/') #WA

This is discussed here

#2121 Duplicate Rework Deluge towards static incoming port BugMeNot

This will sadly require libtorrent 0.16 in order to work (because that release adds port-reusing and forced ports, but it would be a MAJOR improvement to Deluge, for multiple reasons:

  • A static port is best for DHT, because old clients will be lookng for you at your last-known IP and port, which is why clients like uTorrent have a single port setting.
  • Your router will be getting requests to old ports and will fill its logs with "UDP blocked" messages, similar to a Denial of Service attack, which can actually crash lower specced routers.

Once Deluge works well with libtorrent 0.16, it really would be worth looking into defaulting to a single, static port, randomly selected on config file generation.

Requesting a single port is easy in 0.16; see the libtorrent bug tracker link above. You just pass in two flags to tell it to re-use the port even if it's in TIME_WAIT state (the state just before it is freed by the system) and to disallow the system from choosing another port at random. It'll also require a small check that says "the only port we wanted is in use? okay, don't start the daemon, instead log a fatal error"

#2137 Duplicate Add announce_ip support gkuenning

Deluge can't be used as a seeder from behind a NAT firewall, even if the firewall is configured to forward the appropriate ports, because there is no way to announce the true IP to the tracker.

The enclosed patch modifies deluge 1.3.5 to add a -T switch (alias --libtorrent) that allows an announce_ip parameter to be passed to libtorrent. It also modifies libtorrent itself to correctly process that parameter.

As a pleasant side effect, all other libtorrent options can now be passed through from deluge.

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