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#799 Fixed Daemon status are not run through gettext andar Damien Churchill
#801 WontFix Idea for renaming and organization of torrents with hard links andar

How about having a dedicated directory that holds hard links to all the torrents? this way users can feel free to orrganize their files however they wish. (on the same filesystem)

currently there is a broken way of telling deluge to move storage, and this could stay for cross filesystem moves, but it still doesnt allow people to rename their torrents easily (creating hard links is not integrated into filemanagers)

this doesnt create any new problems and you already have to delete the torrent from deluge when you delete it or deluge will immediately start downloading it again, "remove with data" from deluge will after this only erase the hard link references (which will also be deleted with torrent file deletion, but perhaps not with incomplete downloads) and default download to locations, so that if someone renamed them (or moved) they those they renamed will stay put.

it wouldnt be to hard to make this smart.

#802 WontFix The string _File used in multiple places andar

The string _File is used both as a button (in Add torrents dialog) and as a menu name. For many languages, the translations for these both differs (especially for Swedish).

Please change the _File button to something different (such as F_ile, Fi_le or Fil_e)

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