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#2194 Fixed FR translation error AurelBUD

"Up speed" is traduced by "Augmenter la vitesse" and should be traduced by "Vitesse d'émission" "Down speed" is traduced by "Diminuer la vitesse" and should be traduced by "Vitesse de réception"

#2866 Fixed Non-functional "Resume All" taskbar menu item after v1.3.13 update authorized_user

Hello and thank you for all the hard work and effort invested into creating and maintaining Deluge, it's appreciated.

After updating Deluge from v1.3.12 to v1.3.13, the "Resume All" taskbar icon menu item is non-functional; this menu item is very useful, especially when the "Add all torrents in paused state" option is active. Curiously, "Resume All" does work on torrents after they've been directly started -- but -- any torrent not directly started will not be included in the "Resume All" selection.

The "Pause All" taskbar icon menu option seems to work, but that may only be because I choose to "add all torrents in a paused state", so naturally, I would only pause a torrent again after it had already been directly started. So "Pause All" may seem to work only after it falls within the workaround described above to get the "Resume All" function to work.

Please advise, thank you.

$ grep deluge /var/log/dnf.log
Jul 28 21:48:42 DEBUG ---> Package deluge.noarch 1.3.12-3.fc23 will be upgraded
Jul 28 21:48:42 DEBUG ---> Package deluge.noarch 1.3.13-1.fc23 will be an upgrade
#190 Fixed Share ratio / upload statistics bug andar

The seeding limit was set to 200% in preferences. The torrent finished downloading and kept uploading. When it reached 200%, it stopped seeding and the gui showed that I have seeded over 500%. Every time I clicked on resume my share ratio was increased by 200%, but the seeding did not restart.

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