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#1172 Fixed Startup notification isn't handled correctly if another instance is already running. hammered999

I have blogged about this situatuion in my blog. Here is the blog post-->

What basically happens is this:

Let's say that the user is already downloading a torrent using deluge. Then the user double-clicks a new torrent. The new instance of deluge passes the data to the old instance and quits. The old instance presents itself and displays the appropriate dialog. There's one step missing though. The new instance before quiting it should use the equivalent of gdk_startup_notify_complete() to signal that it has loaded successfully.

This will make the entry in the task bar disappear(the one that tells "starting deluge"). Otherwise if a user adds several torrents one-after-the-other the task bar becomes busy pretty quickly. For more info please see my blog post.

Thank you for your awesome torrent client.

#1173 WontFix Progress bar graphic overlapping sort bar Calum

I have noticed a glitch when scrolling up and down in a panel where there is a progress bar, it is overlapping the sort bar. The attached image demonstrates the issue in the Peer tab but it also occurs in the main panel.

#1175 Sort by seeders or peers fukt

When sorting torrents by seeders or peers, Deluge only counts connected seeders or peers. If you only have completed torrents the sorting will always be by "date added" instead of actual seeders/peers.

Suggestion is to handle the connected and total seeders/peers as a string value to sort like this (descending):
5 (10)
2 (66)
1 (20)
0 (55)
0 (49)
0 (30)
0 (9)

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