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#792 Fixed config --set requires real values, not integer? andar sysadmn

Deluge 1.1.2, running on Ubuntu 8.10.

Using the suggested workaround for changing Deluge settings from cron only works for real values:

$  deluge -u console -a "config --set max_upload_speed 40.0"
 * Configuration value successfully updated.
$  deluge -u console -a "config --set max_upload_speed 40"
 * Configuration value provided has incorrect type.

If this is intended, then the documentation at should probably be updated to note this.


#793 Fixed completed torrents moved on startup andar anonymous

If "move completed to" options is enabled then sometimes deluge moves already completed torrents to this folder when being started.

Steps to reproduce: 1) Fully download torrent to folder A 2) Set move completed to folder B 3) Exit deluge 4) Start deluge 5) Torrents is moved from folder A to folder B (should be kept where it was). This is very annoying especially when folders are on different partitions. If there are a lot of torrents, this occurs almost on every startup.

Reproducible: sometimes

#795 Fixed proxy settings ignored mvoncken anonymous

I specified a proxy via webui, but all connections go directly ( can be seen with netstat). It is very important that all traffic go through a proxy for different reasons. How can I make sure it does? I could use either http, socks4 or socks5 (or a combination), so long as all the traffic really goes through... (right now I tried with socks5)

Thank you for your help!

Note that I am running 1.1.1 not 1.1.0, all settings are default, except that upnp is deactivated (with upnp on, deluge made python dump core...) Platform is FreeBSD7.1

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