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#797 Fixed "Open" structure for translations is bad for quality andar

"Open" structure for translations is seriously bad for translations. This should be restricted to certain groups (Structured) such as ubuntu-translators or launchpad-translators. I have spend many, many hours cleaning up after novice translators that want to help out (which is not bad) but quality decreases..

Launchpad offers you four ready-made permissions structures. These control who can submit and review translations for your project:

  • Open: anyone can submit translations directly to your project in Launchpad. Great for encouraging drive-by contributions.
  • Structured: if your project's translation group has assigned an individual or team to a particular language, only that person or members of that team can review and accept translation strings for that language. Anyone can suggest a translation for those languages, though. For languages that aren't covered by a translation group, anyone can directly submit a translation.
  • Restricted: similar to structured, except that translations are closed on languages that don't have an individual or team assigned to it within the translation group.
  • Closed: only people or teams appointed in the appropriate translation group can suggest or make translations. Translation is closed to everyone else. This is ideal if your project requires an agreement to transfer copyright before starting work.

Set your project's permissions policy at<your-project>/+changetranslators.

#798 Fixed Error on enter in webui mvoncken anonymous

Hi! I have updated deluge from 1.1.0 to 1.1.2 today, and after restart daemon and webui I get error in webui right away on enter:

Fault : <Fault 1: "<type 'exceptions.IndexError?'>:address_v4 from unsigned long">

and below detailed information of course, it here

#799 Fixed Daemon status are not run through gettext andar damoxc
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