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#811 WorksForMe Adding exising Torrent to Seed andar anonymous

Adding Torrent, then picking directory where you already have the file to seed wont work, it will try create new folder and not load the existing.

#812 Fixed Saving outside /home folder doesnt work in WebUI andar skiffx

Im running 1.3 freshly released, and never run previous versions. Just wanted to point out when you in a regular white themed webui trying to download a torrent, specifying download location any other folder outside /home/user, lets say /media/storagedrive, results in 'folder does not exist error', despite the fact that all permissions are set recursively as drwxrwxrwx.

This has to be tried in webui not running ajax, since ajax doesnt have an option to specify download location.

#813 Fixed Torrent records wiped when disc filled andar

All torrent files a wiped if, while downloading a torrent, the disc is filled.

Downloaded data is not damaged but the torrent files seem to be lost

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