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#814 Fixed High CPU usage on large torrents andar

I'm using deluge 1.1.3 (Trac doesn't know what was released)

I am downloading a large torrent (approximately 160x 350meg files).

Intermittently deluge swallows a whole core of my processor, and keeps it down for anywhere between a single second and a minute, though the mean average would probably be 3-5 seconds.

If I pause the torrent as this is happening, CPU usage drops off instantly.

I don't think this is UI related as it still happens when minimised to tray.

If you need additional information or traces, shout and I'll attempt to help you out (though you might need to tell me how).

#815 Fixed Checking Queue still stuck. andar anonymous

The checking queue still seems to stick, requiring a restart of the client and daemon before it will continue on, before finally refusing to hash check the last torrent you have.

Not sure if it's because I'm trying to hash check 130 torrents are once at what, but it still happens.

Mind you, it could be Ubuntu's fault. Running Deluge 1.1.3 from the Ubuntu repositories.

#817 Fixed EMail Notification fails to substitute format strings andar AlexanderS

Hi, today I tried the EMail Notification and got a Mail like this:

This email is to inform you that Deluge has finished downloading %s ,             which includes %i files.
To stop receiving these alerts, simply turn off             email notification in Deluge's preferences.

Thank you,

I think that the %s and %i should be substitut by the real value. Attached is a patch to fix this problem.


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