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#2137 Duplicate Add announce_ip support gkuenning

Deluge can't be used as a seeder from behind a NAT firewall, even if the firewall is configured to forward the appropriate ports, because there is no way to announce the true IP to the tracker.

The enclosed patch modifies deluge 1.3.5 to add a -T switch (alias --libtorrent) that allows an announce_ip parameter to be passed to libtorrent. It also modifies libtorrent itself to correctly process that parameter.

As a pleasant side effect, all other libtorrent options can now be passed through from deluge.

#388 Fixed Add an option to inhibit the computer auto-suspending andar

A lot of computers (especially laptop) are configured to sleep or hibernate after some time. This doesn't allow to let deluge download for a long time. An option should be added to enable the inhibition of auto-suspending when Deluge is running.

Stop auto-suspending with Gnome :

#529 Fixed Add authentication to core andar

deluged seem to allow connections from anyone on localhost; this is obviously not secure if there are more than one user on a system. For example:

  1. Create a torrent with a file called ".profile", upload to any tracker.
  2. Connect to the deluge daemon that another user is running.
  3. Change the download folder to the user $HOME, and add the torrent.
  4. The .profile can contain anything, and will be executed when the user logs in next time, for example: alias sudo=/home/hacker/sudo_and_log_password

It can also be a security risk even in a single-user setting, if other servers are running (as unprivileged users) on the same system that are less secure and can be hacked (http, ftp, etc).

Some sort of authentication is needed.

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