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#2305 Duplicate Deluge keeps placing torrent files in my home directory, even when I choose a different directory bluebomber

The last dozen or so of my torrent files that I've opened in Deluge have all caused this issue:

1: I select "other..." location for the files, selecting some subdirectory in my filesystem hierarchy for the data. 2: OK, torrent starts downloading... 3: my home directory! When I right click on the torrent in Deluge and click "Open Folder", my home directory opens up, and the (partially downloaded) data files are there.

I have to go through and manually do right click > Move Storage on each one. Thankfully, that seems to work.

#2311 Duplicate remember & select server download location from gtkui wouterw

hi Everyone,

Thank you for creating this great software!

I'm running the server on my ubuntu box and the GTK client on my windows machine.

I have a small feature request:

Everytime i download a new torrent I have to re-type the download location (server path). When downloading lots of torrents this gets quite tedious and its a little error prone too.

As a software developer i'm wondering how difficult it would be to let the client remember the last few download locations and allow me to select one.

I would be more then happy to help implement this feature.

Kind regards,


#2314 Duplicate Proxy blocks connections Mark

When adding torrents as magnet links (haven't tried with torrent files), the item will show up in Deluge, but it never resolves the tracker. I'm using a SOCKS5 proxy to connect with. No errors are shown, but the torrent will just sit there and display 0 for seeders and peers. The peers tab in the detail panel at the bottom doesn't list anything. It will stay like this for weeks until I restart. Or, I can turn off the proxy for tracker and peers, which allows it to finally connect. I can turn the proxy back on and the proxy will connect, along with the peers. I've had this problem for some time now, going back to libtorrent 0.15. It's almost like the proxy is timing out and not reconnecting.

FreeBSD 9.1, Deluge 1.3.6, libtorrent 0.16.7

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