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#825 Fixed No Windows Version andar

I was searching for a new bittorrent client to try on Windows and found Deluge. The site says there is a Windows version, but there are no downloads on the Download page for it.

I did some research, and it looks like the person who was doing to Windows version quit, which explains why there is no current download.

The problem is that it now looks like Deluge is lying about having a Windows version.

May I suggest that the site not say that there is a Windows version until there is someone maintaining it again?

#826 Invalid Emule IP list zipped andar danii

Bluetack is know supplying it's ipfilter.dat in a ZIP file as you can see here is it possible to add support for Emule IP list compressed with ZIP? I know they also supply Safepeer ZIP's but I think it must be a simple change in the code to add zipped Emule list support, if not never mind.

Thank you.

#827 Invalid directory not found if connecting to a remote daemon over SSH andar AlexanderS

If connecting to a remove daemon over ssh tunner (aka connecting to localhost, that is forewarded) the gtkui does not notice that the connection is remote. So it shows the folder select box in the torrent properties (not possible to select folder that on the local box does not exists) and raises error messages if the target folder of torrents not found on the local maschine.

It should act like if conneceted direktly to the remote server.

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