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#837 Fixed Global "share prefs" not applied to "torrent prefs" andar damiew

I set up Deluge to stop share when ratio reaches 1,5 & delete it, but when I add a new torrent, the corresponding settings in the torrent-"options" tab are not set the same way (ie "stop share at ratio" is not checked, and "delete when ratio is reached" is not checked either) However, "bandwith settings", "move torrent", and "download 1st/last pieces first" options are correctly set. In addition, when selecting several torrents, if I change one (or more) optionss in the "options" tab, they are not applied to the whole selection, but only on the 1st selected torrent.

#838 Fixed preferences don't stay saved markybob

There's a bug when installing from the ubuntu intrepid PPA package 1.1.4-0ubuntu1~intrepid1. When I save new preferences and exit the program, the preferences are lost when I restart it.

The program starts with errors like this: [INFO ] 18:43:49 main:113 Deluge ui 1.1.4 [DEBUG ] 18:43:49 main:114 options: {'loglevel': 'debug', 'default_ui': None, 'args': None, 'quiet': False, 'ui': None, 'logfile': None, 'config': None} [DEBUG ] 18:43:49 main:115 args: [] [DEBUG ] 18:43:49 main:116 ui_args: [] [INFO ] 18:43:49 main:119 Starting ui.. [DEBUG ] 18:43:49 ui:35 UI init.. [DEBUG ] 18:43:49 configmanager:79 Getting config 'ui.conf' [WARNING ] 18:43:49 config:242 Unable to load config file: /home/bass/.config/deluge/ui.conf [DEBUG ] 18:43:49 config:244 Config /home/bass/.config/deluge/ui.conf loaded: {'default_ui': 'gtk'} [WARNING ] 18:43:49 config:263 Unable to open config file: /home/bass/.config/deluge/ui.conf [DEBUG ] 18:43:49 config:269 Saving new config file /home/bass/.config/deluge/ [DEBUG ] 18:43:49 config:281 Backing up old config file to /home/bass/.config/deluge/ui.conf~ [ERROR ] 18:43:49 config:284 Error backing up old config.. [INFO ] 18:43:49 ui:52 Starting GtkUI.. [DEBUG ] 18:43:49 client:101 CoreProxy? init.. [DEBUG ] 18:43:49 configmanager:79 Getting config 'gtkui.conf' [WARNING ] 18:43:49 config:242 Unable to load config file: /home/bass/.config/deluge/gtkui.conf

Apparently some necessary files were not created when the package is installed. I managed to work around the problem by creating the missing files as so:

cd .config/deluge

cp core.conf

cp gtkui.conf

cp ui.conf

I think everything is working since I did that, if I notice something else wrong I will post it.

#839 Fixed After renaming download directory, it cannot be moved. andar

Every multi-file torrent downloads into a directory with the same name as the torrent. If I rename that directory (In the 'Files' tab), then I later want to move the directory (Using rightclick-'Move Storage'), it fails to do so. I'm guessing this is because it's trying to move using the original name.

[The move after completion fails in the same way -- if I rename the directory while downloading, it doesn't move it once it's done.]

=============================== Completely Hypothetical Example ===============================

Torrent named "Sexy lampshades hothotxxx.torrent", containing some very sexy lampshades.

Initially it is set to download to:

/home/anonymous/NewDLs/Sexy lampshades hothotxxx/

Then I rename it (in 'Files') to conceal my lampshade fetish:

/home/anonymous/NewDLs/Tax Reports 2002/

However, I later decide that I want to move it to a different location, while still being nice and seeding to the world, so I try to 'Move Storage' to an existing directory:


Then I would ideally have lampshade fetish material deeply hidden in my work folder, at

/home/anonymous/Work/Tax Reports 2002/

However, the move has no effect and it remains in NewDLs.

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