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#2340 Duplicate Crash when removing a torrent MathieuMD

I had no problem "before" (probably before an "apt-get dist-upgrade").

Now, when I try to remove a torrent from the GTK client, deluged crash with nothing more than this in the debug log:

[DEBUG   ] 11:37:09 core:311 Removing torrent e59f95243f470e712d1672f12fe44980cbd533cb from the core.
[DEBUG   ] 11:37:09 rpcserver:466 intevents: {1: ['SessionPausedEvent', 'TorrentFileRenamedEvent',
'TorrentRemovedEvent', 'PluginDisabledEvent', 'SessionResumedEvent', 'TorrentStateChangedEvent',
'TorrentFinishedEvent', 'TorrentFolderRenamedEvent', 'NewVersionAvailableEvent',
'PluginEnabledEvent', 'TorrentResumedEvent', 'TorrentAddedEvent', 'TorrentQueueChangedEvent',
'ExecuteCommandRemovedEvent', 'ConfigValueChangedEvent', 'ExecuteCommandAddedEvent']}

I'm using Debian Unstable repository for Deluge 1.3.3-2+nmu1.

#2345 Duplicate UI layout resetting on startup Tarmia

Alright, so this is how I like to setup my Deluge UI.

But after a restart, it goes back to this.

I know this is very minor but it can be a bit annoying having to set it up to my liking every time I restart the program.

The bug doesn't happen on show/hide.

So the fix would be to make Deluge remember the UI preferences over restart.

I am using Deluge 1.3.6, which is running on Linux Mint 15 Olivia 64-bit.

#2353 Duplicate Deluge uses random ports when "use random ports" box is unchecked. Robert

Problem: Deluge uses random ports when closing deluge and immediately starting deluge again even when the "use random ports" is unchecked. Ports are definitely open on router (double checked and verified using an online portscanner).

Workaround: Close deluge, wait a few minutes then start it again. The problem shows up particularly when closing deluge and immediately starting it again.

Tested using ubuntu 12.04 with Deluge 1.3.5 from the ubuntu repository and deluge 1.3.6 from deluge ppa repository.

Libtorrent version: libtorrent:

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