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#867 Fixed Deluge doesn't create peers_tab.conf and files_tab.conf andar

How to reproduce:

1) Remove peers_tab.conf and files_tab.conf files in config directory

2) Start deluge, change tabs width in peers and files tabs

3) Exit deluge

4) => no peers_tab.conf and files_tab.conf files created, at restart we get default tabs width

#870 Fixed Deluge doesn't use configuration directory when loading ssl certificates mvoncken

When the configuration directory has been set away from ~/.config/deluge/ with the -c <dir> command, SSL mode cannot be enabled because the program searches ~/.config/deluge/ssl/ anyways for the files.

The error is given in the webui when https is checked to be enabled: Certificate not found at '/home/delugeusr/.config/deluge/ssl/deluge.cert.pem'

#872 Fixed Client disconnects from daemon because daemon stops andar

Using Deluge 1.1.5 on Ubuntu Hardy I experience regular disconnections of the client caused by the daemon quitting. When I go to the connection manager the daemon is 'red' and restarting and connecting gets everything started again. It looks like the problem described in but on my system the daemon seems to have stopped.

My connections limit is set to 1000. Every time the number of open connections had reached 1000 the server bails out. However when I set my maximum number of connections to 600 the problem does not occur.

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