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#1101 Duplicate Autocheck on startup XChesser

On startup Deluge always checks availability of files that refer torrents in list and, if it doesn't find them, it resets torrent status to 0%. It happens even if torrent is paused. While most of my downloads are located in the ext. HDD I have to connect hard drive every time I start Deluge. If I forget doing it Deluge mark them as new (0% done) and I have to recheck all "external" torrents at the next time. It would be grateful to cancel autocheck of paused torrents or to add new option for deactivating autocheck to GUI.

#1107 "Start" button stays disabled if pausing while checking XChesser

If I pause torrent while rechecking, 'Start' button in toolbar stays unavailable (and 'Pause' button available on the contrary). Buttons in the menu are available and work as expected.

#1400 Fixed Improve changing the order of trackers XChesser

Current implementation of trackers ordering is a little strange and inconvenient. For example, the torrent has 3 trackers: If I select and press "Down", nothing happens. If I press "Up" for it, its number is increased by one and the list looks so: So, the first thing is that Up/Down? buttons increase/decrease the rank of the tracker while they should change the rank on the contrary, I think. The second thing is that doesn't change its number to 0 in the example above. So if I want to pull down [0] tracker to the end I have to change the ranks manually for each tracker in list:>[2],>[0],>[1].

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