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#368 Fixed Add by Hash (trackerless torrents) andar andar
#1646 Fixed Add columns for per torrent upload and download speed limits Cas runeks

This small patch adds two columns to the torrent view called "Down Limit" and "Up Limit", which, respectively, display the download speed limit and upload speed limit for each torrent.

#1679 Duplicate Add confimation to "Remove with data" Jameshfisher

Presenting the user with an option that is dangerous should:

  • be expected by the user (the option should be in an appropriate context)
  • be confirmed after selection by the user

Data removal is one of those dangerous operations. Here's how Deluge currently handles it:

  • select "Remove Torrent" from the context menu
  • user is presented with an option to "Remove with data"
  • selection of "Remove with data" is unconfirmed before execution

This violates both simple design principles. I expect the "Remove Torrent" option to mean "cease downloading and uploading". I have asked several others what they expect this to do, and they say the same. More than once I have selected this option accidentally, and so have others.

The following instructions are unrelated, but are currently conflated by the UI:

  • ceasing downloading/uploading associated with a .torrent file
  • deleting all data associated with that .torrent file
  • (deleting the .torrent file itself ...?)

These should be clearly separated. I suggest the following:

  • The "Remove Torrent" option in the context menu exclusively means "cease downloading, cease uploading, and dissociate Deluge and this torrent file". Selecting it prompts a confirmation: "are you sure you wish to remove this .torrent file from Deluge?" There may be additional warning text if the download has not yet completed.
  • A new option is added to the context menu, "Remove Torrent and data". Selecting it prompts a confirmation: "are you sure you wish to remove all downloaded data, and remove this .torrent file from Deluge?"
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