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#866 WontFix Move Torrent functionality mvoncken

I've moved one torrent to another directory. When I try to move another one following issue happens:

  1. "Select directory" dialog is open with previously opened folder
  2. Press "OK"
  3. Nothing happens (Expected: torrent should be moved to that folder)
#661 Fixed Tracker name doesn't show trackers properely (1.2.0_dev) andar AlexC

In the tracker column, status tab and sidebar on 1.2.0_dev it shortens the tracker so that it shows it as tracker.example. When torrents use trackers ending in etc it only shows it as as tracker name. This isn't major but could be annoying when dealing with multiple trackers etc.

#663 WontFix ETA averaging markybob AlexC

At the moment the ETA is based on current speed and jumps around a lot due to changes in current speed (at least it does on my system). It would be more reliably represented as an average, eg. take average ETA for every 20 seconds and output accordingly. Just a thought, I know it annoys me.

I use 1.2.0_dev

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