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#113 Fixed WebUI + Firefox with HTTP pipelining + auto refresh = broken images mvoncken cymen

I used Firefox with HTTP pipelining enabled (network.http.pipelining) with SVN deluge for the webui and there is some odd behavior with image links.

  • If I load the page from a URL everything is fine.
  • If I refresh the page, typically at least one image doesn't show up (just a placeholder).
  • If I enable auto refresh same thing happens (at least one image doesn't show up).
  • If I click on the big deluge icon on the upper left of the HTML page, everything loads fine.

I tried disabling pipelining and it seemed like that took care of the problem. I tried setting the max requests lower (say 4) with pipelining enabled but that didn't help.

One thought is that if the webserver set a cache time on the image files the problem would likely be avoided (although I'd qualify that as probably a work around). I haven't checked to see if caching is already enabled. Another work around would be to put all the icons in one big file and then display the square in the icon location with CSS (at least I believe that was the method mentioned here: ).

#114 Fixed Deluge file priority does not 'stay' markybob anonymous

hi guys.i've just use deluge and this is the prob [i think]deluge does not keep the setting that at set for my torrent which is the priority level.i set it to 'highest'.but when i reboot my computer, the setting goes back to 'normal'..can u guys help me out on this?

#115 Fixed bug in calculating the share rate markybob Daniele Valtorta

Deluge calculates the share rate with "bytes uploaded IN THIS SESSION"/"bytes downloaded IN THE WHOLE HISTORY OF THE TORRENT". Obviously this produces a share rate very low.

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