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#2794 Duplicate hostlist.conf not created WoJWoJ

deluged and deluge-web 1.3.12-0~trusty~ppa1 on Ubuntu 14.02

The hostlist.conf file is not present at any time (during deluged or deluge-web run, or after they are closed) in ~/.config/deluge.

Other config files exist and deluged works otherwise fine. The main problem is the lack of knowledge about the ID which must be used for the default server to connect in web.conf (is there a way to extract this ID form somewhere else?)

#2385 Duplicate Downloading deleted files Winterwolf

Hello there! When my torrent is completely downloaded and then I remove or replace files, he starting downloading again! It's no good. uTorrent generates an error in this situation.

#2865 WorksForMe WebUI CPU usage goes to 100% on one core of the processor after a few days with Deluge 1.3.13 - Arch Linux wingnut

I have noticed this happening several times. A restart of the web service will help for a few days, but then the same behavior occurs. This started to happen about a week ago which seems to relate to the Deluge package update on Arch Linux.

I don't know what logs you need here. I switched back to 1.3.12 for now. I'm happy to help debug this further.

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