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#56 Fixed Force Recheck doesn't work markybob anonymous

"Force Recheck" on torrents doesn't work (ver. 0.584) Ubuntu 7.04

#57 Fixed torents are being rechecked on every deluge restart andar anonymous

... which gets really annoying when the torrent list contains a few big torrent seeds

I am not sure whether this happened before upgrading to, perhaps it's related to the fast resume thing in the changelog? or do I need to delete some configuration file (which one? trying to avoid recreating the torrent list fom scratch)

#58 WontFix Wizard doesn't support 448 Kbits/second upload line speed andar Adam Cécile (Le_Vert)

Debian bug report:

From: Matt Kraai <> To: Subject: Wizard doesn't support 448 Kbits/second upload line speed Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 14:39:14 -0800

Package: deluge-torrent Version:

My upload line speed is 448 kbits/second, but Deluge's configuration wizard only provides options for 384 kbits/second and 512 kbits/second. It would be nice if the wizard supported arbitrary speeds.

-- Matt

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